Sen Menvra Suite


Score & Parts

Parts included are: 1 x Soprano Cornet, 2 x Cornet 1, 2 x Cornet 2, 2 x Cornet 3, 1 x Eb Horn 1, 1 x Eb Horn 2, 3 x Bari/Euph/Trom 1, 3 x Bari/Euph/Trom 2, 2 x Eb Bass, 2 x Bb Bass, 1 x Drum Kit, 1 x Percussion

A Suite in 4 movements written for Junior/Training Band and depicting the area around St. Minver in Cornwall. This piece can either be used as a whole or the individual movements work well as standalone pieces.

The movements are: (1) Pityme Parade. (2) St. Menafreda. (3) Lowlands’Dance. (4) Rock Rocks.


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Pityme Parade (Live – St Minver Training Band)

St. Menefreda (Live – St Minver Training Band)

Lowlands’ Dance (Live – St Minver Training Band)

Rock Rocks (Live – St Minver Training Band)

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