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A descriptive piece of around 13 minutes telling the story of and taking you on a journey around the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Following the introduction, we begin our journey at the Grand House with the staff scurrying around carrying out their work.

Next comes the outbreak of World War 1 when all of the male staff of the house signed up with the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. Following the war only 6 of the gardens 22 staff survived and returned to Heligan.

After the war the gardens “Go to Sleep” and become overgrown.

Then comes the modern-day workers rediscovering the gardens and beginning to put them back to their former glory.

Then the sun rises over the gardens and the birds begin to sing and we find ourselves in the serene lost valley.

We then pass through the Jungle before turning the corner and once again see the House and lawns in all their glory.

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